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Sometimes, after I teach the course, I send out an anonymous survey asking what people liked about it and what I could improve.

Below are some excerpts from the comments about what people liked.

(Yes, many of these comments are Boeing-centric. Most of my students are Boeing employees, but not all).


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• Bernardo's passion and knowledge makes the difference between a dry lecture and an interactive learning experience. This class was definitely the latter.

• This class provided me enough information to have informative conversations about airplanes with people with aerospace degrees. Also it helped me with just understanding the principles associated with flight. I feel more well-rounded.

• This class was great from start to finish. Best course instructor I have had in a very long time!

• The glider building gave us a chance to try out what we've learned in the class and get some direct feedback from nature on just how smart we are.

• This class and the instructor were fabulous. I'm glad I was able to get into this class. Everything in the course was presented in a way that really helped me understand airplanes better than I expected.

• This course was a great building block for me to better understand airplanes as a whole. The course guide, unlike others I have used, will stick with me for a long time to use as a valued reference.

• One of the best courses I've taken.

• Building our own gliders out of foam board was a good opportunity to iterate a design and understand some of the engineering considerations that going into general airplane design. It was a satisfying way to turn concepts into practical application.

• Excellent course, just enough information at just the right level, excellent glider building exercise, instructor clearly has the knowledge and enthusiasm for the material and the skill to teach it! I will heartily recommend this course to my colleagues!

• Great syllabus, covered many topics in a logical fashion.

• This was a wonderful class. I learned a lot, the course materials were first class, and the instructor was great!

• Bernardo is an excellent teacher and bring a lot of energy to the classroom.

• Building the planes made the class fun and gave opportunity to put in play what was learned especially for a non-engineering person like me.

• The instructor had a great energy, and really made it worth it to sit and listen about airplane on a Saturday.

• The instructor was very knowledgeable in the subject. His enthusiasm for the topic helped keep me engaged in the course.

• This was a great class and should be mandatory to all new engineers and technicians.

• Clarified the reason behind the requirements I work towards on daily basis. Helped me place my daily work within the context of building an airplane.

• This is one the best classes that can be offered to any Boeing employee!

• I now have a better understanding of the big picture and how each part impacts the others, which will definitely help me in my daily work.

• Great class. Every Boeing employee should be required to take this class.

• As a non-aviation major in college (stress) I had a few gaps in understanding airplanes, especially related to aerodynamics. Even though subject gaps did not hinder me in my work, filling these gaps during the class was very helpful.

• This class should be highly advertised to all Boeing employees.

• Everyone should get to take this class.

• Bernardo was great! Very knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and engaging.

• Everything presented was very useful.

• The instructor was awesome very prepared and had good explanations and examples.

• It's a good class, I will recommend it to others.

• Haven't seen such enthusiasm in an instructor in the last while.

• Great overview of how airplanes work. Enormous topic was well distilled into a daylong course.


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I promise that I did not edit these statements! This is what people wrote in when I asked for feedback anonymously. Yes, there was also some feedback about things that could be improved, but (A) I have already implemented those suggestions, and (B) even when people mentioned potential improvements, their feedback overall was positive, including some of the comments you see above.





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