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     Fall 2017:


Understanding Airplanes will be offered over the course of five Tuesday evenings, 5PM to 7PM:
October 3rd, 17th, 24th, and November 7th and 14th, at the Historic Flight Foundation in Everett, WA.
Register here. Cost: $120.
This will be the only time this year that the course is offered to the general public!


The single-day version of the course will be offered on October 28th, 8AM-4:30PM
in Renton, WA, exclusively to Boeing employees.
Register by clicking "Apply" here.
Cost: Free. (Paid for by the Ed Wells Partnership)



     Summer 2017:

The course will not be offered in the summer of 2017.


     Spring 2017:

The course was offered in April 2017 in Long Beach, CA, exclusively to Boeing employees, through Boeing's ECDC.


     Winter 2017:

The course was offered in February 2017 in Portland, OR, exclusively to Boeing employees, through Boeing REACH.


     Fall 2016

The course was offered three times in the Fall of 2016: Once at Renton Technical College, and twice to Boeing employees through the Ed Wells Partnership (once in Everett and once in Renton).


     Summer 2016

The course was not offered in the Summer of 2016.


     Spring 2016

In the Spring of 2016, the course was taught twice: Once as part of IAM machinist apprenticesip training in Auburn, WA,
and once to Boeing engineers at Long Beach, CA.


     Winter 2016

In the Winter of 2016, the course was offered four times, all of them exclusively to SPEEA engineers, within Boeing, via the Ed Wells Partnership.



Over 2015, the course was offered three times through the University of Washington's Experimental College program, open to the general public.
Unfortunately, this program is being shut down temporarily.



The course was originally created and taught at Stanford University in the Fall of 2003, leading up to the centennial of powered flight.





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