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Bernardo Malfitano

For the past 10 years, Bernardo has worked as a structures engineer / researcher at Boeing, specializing in fatigue, durability, and maintenance. Bernardo is now one of Boeing's experts on "airplane aging" issues, and teaches new Boeing engineers how to do fatigue analysis and structural maintenance planning.

Bernardo has a BS from Stanford University and an MS from Columbia University, both in Mechanical Engineering. Most of his academic career focused on aerodynamics and propulsion: i.e. many hours designing and running experiments in the wind tunnel and in the engines lab. He also has academic and professional experience working on control systems for UAVs and spacecraft.

In his spare time, Bernardo is a private pilot, co-owns an RV-6 (which he has flown to Oshkosh) and enjoys flying aerobatics. He also occasionally works as an aviation journalist, and has been interviewed on TV shows as an aeronautics expert. Bernardo has built and flown all kinds of model aircraft including rockets, gliders, quadcopters, and flying wings.

His full resumé is here.

You can email Bernardo here.

(Note: As a Boeing employee, Bernardo will not be revealing any Boeing trade secrets! Everything in this course is material that can already be learned from books, papers, articles, videos, patents, and other publicly-accessible content currently available at your nearest library, university, or web browser. Boeing's Intellectual Property and Conflict of Interest groups have been consulted on this matter and are fully aware of this course).





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