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• Could a jetliner fly upside-down?
• Why do small airplanes use propellers while big airplanes use jet engines?
• Why are stealth airplanes flat with straight sharp edges?
• Why can't a propeller airplane break the sound barrier?
• What are all those moving surfaces that stick out of an airliner's wing?
• Why don't more airplanes use low-drag features like canards, thin glider-like wings, or tail-less configurations like flying wings?
• What about electric motors? Solar power?
• Why are small airplanes still built with draggy features like wing struts and rectangular wings?

What is Understanding Airplanes?
Designed for curious airplane enthusiasts, this course covers the basics of aerodynamics, airplane engines, and airplane structures. We'll explore all kinds of airplane design features and why they were chosen: from biplanes to jetliners, from bushplanes to fighter jets. After looking at how airplanes evolved over the decades, we'll talk about exciting experimental technologies currently shaping the airplanes of the future.


Where and when is the course offered?
This class will be offered at least twice in the Fall of 2018; Once to the general public and once to Boeing employees only. This paragraph, and the 'Register' page, will be updated with dates as soon as they are finalized.


Who can take the course?
You don't need to be an engineer (or a college student, or a Boeing employee) to take this course; It is designed for all curious airplane lovers, ages 14 and above. We'll explore the ins and outs of airplane design though photographs, diagrams, and notional graphs:
Previous knowledge and math skills are not required. There will be no tests and no homework.




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